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The growth framework

Growth strategy and subsequent, excellent implementation is the key to building a sustainable and profitable company. However, both coming up with the right strategy & levers, as well as then actually following through are the biggest stumbling blocks, especially for smaller or newer companies. 

But, there is a solution: Think Feel Excel. A simple framework that encompasses the most essential steps to implementing successful growth measures.


The first stage of every growth initiative. A lean "thinking" phase. The traditional and sometimes hated desk research. Especially in high-paced environments, where money is not limitless, evaluating initiatives based on outside-in analysis, hypotheses validation, and business planning, can eliminate wastage based on gross negligence or a "misguided" definition of entrepreneurship or MVP approach.


The second, "unlogical", but very essential stage of a growth initiative. Selecting and evaluating the final growth strategy, supported by all the previous analytical outcomes, based on "gut feel". Managerial intuition can be a trained muscle that actually increases outcomes significantly. Driving initiatives that you believe in, will increase motivation, ignite ultra-drive, and will make the teams contributing feel the same.


The third and final step that's typically disregarded the most. Whereas the 80/20 principle may work initially when testing growth levers, but if you want to disrupt an industry, want to scale drastically, or become a market leader - "hacking it", is not enough. Excelling in your work means being excellent and that means attention to detail, thought-through implementation plans, great target setting and clear responsibilities.

About TFE: Mein Profil


With in-depth Marketing & Sales experience in multinational companies, like Google, Daimler, Porsche or McKinsey & Company, Tobias moved on to helping start-ups and SMBs to grow properly. As Ex-Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager, at the hyper growth scale-up HeyJobs, Tobias demonstrated that his Think Feel Excel framework derived from piror experiences can lead to stellar results: More than 20x growth, a successful internationalization and scaling a team from 10 to over 250 go-to-market experts within less than 5 years.

About TFE: Mein Profil
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